I thought yesterday was January?

Time flies really fast, the more faster the older we are. In my 21 years living, 2017 has the most ups and downs. I could say I should get myself a reward for passing through this year as best as I could, perhaps? Yay.

2017 taught me a lot of things that never happened to me before. About school, internship, friends, relationships and basically me upgrading my life to be a better person.

My resolutions in 2017 was not really going well eventually, yet half of them are. But still, all we could just do is praying and struggling for our future, ain’t it? Like no pain, no gain.


Bukit Moko, Bandung

Bandung, Indonesia, Travel

The first semester is finally over!

Fadil, Zico and I were planning to explore Bandung more since we’re the citizen of Bandung. We decided to explore Bukit Moko also known as Bukit Cinta, located in Cimenyan, Bandung.

Since we were going to catch the sunrise, we were heading there at 4 AM and freezed to death. It took 1 hour to get the top of the hills, the road was puzzled. Yet, we were able to see the nightlight of Bandung, it was amazing. Oh, and I recommend to rent a motorcycle to get there.

We parked our motorcycles at the foot of the hills, it costed IDR 5,000/motorcycle. The local citizen told us to walked to Bukit Moko for 10 minutes and it was quiet inclined. As we got there by 5 AM, we got into local shops that sells hot coffee, hot chocolate and snacks. The sun hadn’t woke up yet, we patiently waited.

Around half 6-ish, the sign of sun risen still ain’t there, the sky was a bit shined. As the time went by, the sky was shined yet no sun. Apparently, it rained slowly and it was 18 degrees! Damn, we were freezed and just laughed at ourselves. Failed.

We decided to got to hills a bit more around 300 meters, called Bukit Bintang. The entrance fee was IDR 12,000/person. Bukit Bintang is a pine forest that located on the top of Bukit Moko. They called it Bukit Bintang, because it has a giant star-lamp on the top that shines at night.

The rain stopped as we were hanging to the inside of the pine forest to chill and enjoy sightseeing of Bandung City. It was great being there to relieve minds, if you’re a city person that sick and tired of traffics.

Around 8, we were heading back to the foot of the hills to got our motorcycles and went home to got our sleep back hahaha. It was great!